GPcluster 2011 - Push Notification for iPhone

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To operate the push notifications to be sent to your iPhone you need to install a server component on your PC called "Growl" and a client component on your iPhone called "Prowl".

Growl - to install on your PC
We start from installing software on your PC, "Growl", downloadable from
After the download completes, unzip the file to a temporary folder and start the installation by running the setup.
After the installation will create an icon on your desktop called "Growl".
Before launching Growl must register online to get the API Key, the code by which Growl identifies your iPhone on the network.
The website to register is
Choose a username, such as your CALL and password, specify your email in case you need to retrieve your password if forgotten, and click on "Register".
Once you register you can proceed to generate the API Key at
Under "Generate a new API key, enter a description in the field notes (optional), eg GPcluster and click on "Generate Key".

The API Key will appear in the web page, simply select it with your mouse and click with the right to copy.
Now you need to configure Growl obtained by inserting the Key in the registry.
Open Growl, click above on "Network" and put the check mark for "Forward notification to other computers".
To add your iPhone click on the green icon on the left with the sign "+" (not the right one) is selected in the Phone in the "Click here to forward notification to an iPhone via Prowl"
A window will open where you can enter a description, example John Doe's iPhone, and the previously generated API Key.
Click "Save" without touching each other.

After your iPhone will appear in the list on the left.

To start with Growl automatically selected windows on top "General" and insert the check mark for "Automatically start at login Growl".

Software to install on the iPhone
To receive notifications Push you download and install the client on your iPhone "Prowl", available on the App Store the current price of Euro 2.30.
After downloading and installing Open "Prowl" on your iPhone and enter a user name and password, the same that you chose when you registered and have generated the API Key.

Finally you tell GPcluster to send push notifications, for example, all Spots NewOne on 6 meters.
Open Tools --> Configure Alerts, select the alert of 6 meters and click Edit.
As shown in the screenshot below, enter the check to "push notification for iPhone" and click Save.
From now on all the Spots NewOne on 6 meters if spotted by a European station, will be notified in Push on your iPhone.

Warning: main menu GPcluster top right are buttons called respectively:

- Push
- Enable Audio Alert
- Enable Email Forwarding
- Enable SMS Forwarding

These buttons are used to enable/disable fast actions triggered by the alert without editing them one by one. For example, when you are in front of the PC and do not need to send notifications GPcluster simply click on the button "Push " and their status will appear unchecked. But when you leave just one click to rehabilitate him.

You're done! Now your wife will certainly have to say that when you are away from the radio will be stressed by the notifications on your iPhone!
73 and good fun
IH9GPI James

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