GPcluster 2011 - Rel. - APRIL 20, 2017

- Completely rewritten in Visual Studio 2012;
- Compiled for x86 operating system;
- Compiled for x64 operating system (native 64bit application);
- Tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista (x86/x64), Windows7 (x86/x64);
- Simultaneous connection to multiple node clusters;
- Open in new tabs, each tab can open the band you want to control;
- You can configure all the alerts you want, example: new one, new one in band, callsign, prefix and continent of spotter, callsign, prefix and continent
  of DX station;
- You can open a tab with only the alert;
- Each alert can activate the audio spelling, forward via email or SMS or iPhone Push Notification;
- Fully integration with DX Atlas 2.3;
- Fully integration with PstRotator;
- Internal module to remote control the azimuth and elevation rotator;
- Full programmability of what you see in the tabs, you can delete columns that do not interest you so you have a graphics and improved visibility;
- You can configure the bands with frequency limits, the cluster nodes;
- GPcluster upgrade your contry DXCC database directly from the Internet to keep updated on new entities;
- GPcluster saves the received spot in access database in order to be able to search by call, country code, continent...
...and it's free.

 Push Notification for iPhone - Step by step guide to configuration Push Notification
  Push Notification for Android - Step by step guide to configuration Push Notification

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